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“The families who pay the lowest out-of-pocket cost are the ones who take the time to understand and control the college funding process.”

Our services are designed to help your child graduate in four years from the right college with the right major while designing a plan to comfortably pay for college, saving for your retirement, and minimizing the impact to your current lifestyle. Our registered financial planners specialize in college funding and maximizing the college experience for the student.


Some of the services we offer to help you achieve your goals are:

College Funding Strategies

  • Calculate your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and then provide recommendations to reduce your EFC.
  • Provide strategies that minimizes your college costs.
  • Complete a financial overview on college, taxes, current cash flow, and retirement and develop a plan that improves each area
  • and much more

College Discounts (AKA negotiations)

  • Analyze up to three Student Aid Reports (SAR) to ensure you did not get under-awarded.
  • If the SAR offering is under-funded we have trained professionals who provide you with tested negotiation letters and will guide you through the appeals process. We will give you the statistics and data while teaching you how to speak the Financial Aid Officers (FAO) language, all to communicate your competence and reasoning why their offering was underfunded. We find that most parents are overwhelmed and uninformed per negotiations, and FAO’s are banking on that fact.

Paperwork delivered On-Time

  • If you file late you lose money. Many FAFSA forms are returned with errors or omissions thus reducing the aid you may receive. We ensure all your forms are filled out correctly and on time the first time.
  • We maximize your ability to receive grants, scholarships, and loans.

Peace of Mind

  • Unlimited support – Contact us as often and with as many questions as you want without concern of being billed for every call.
  • Our team of experts ensures you receive the absolute best College Selection, College Funding and Financial Aid experience.
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